He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and it's not about his face, but the life force I can see in him. It's the smile and the pure promise of everything he has to offer. Like he's saying, “Here I am, world; are you ready for so much passion and beauty and goodness and love and every other word that should be in the dictionary under the word life?”

(on his move from Europe to Rockland County, NY at the age of 12) “I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?”

“Your friend, Faraday, said you were from the future. I need to know if he was telling the truth.”
“Dude, that’s ridiculous.”

The King is dead. Long live the King.

SUNNYSIDEUPリブ ショートソックス

harry potter; color analysis